Recurrent Theme of Nature

The renovation provides a flexible clinic environment that would be readily adaptable to future emerging trends in healthcare delivery and technology while being responsive to patients, families and staff. The design team faces the challenge of providing an innovative plan while working within the constraints of an existing structure. The decision was made to extend the perimeter walls two feet into the existing corridor in order to increase the footprint of the patient rooms. The core then was decreased in order to maintain required clearances for corridors. An opening in the center of the core allows better circulation through the unit and provides a central work area. Introduces in this location is a swirling design feature expressed in the ceiling, floor pattern and casework providing relief and interest in an otherwise long corridor. Lighting in the corridors is provided from several indirect sources and separate switching allows flexibility for light levels at night. Full height decorative paneling embellishes the corridor walls and also serves as wall protection. The recurrent theme of nature is supported in the color pallet of the glass tile wall covering inside alcoves and wood paneling. Custom detailed stainless steel corner protection doubles as a design feature. Studies demonstrate that the characteristic of the physical environment in which a patient receives care has an effect on the patient’s outcome and impacts staff, family and patient satisfaction. The goal was to create a hospitality-like-atmosphere and at the same time use materials and details durable enough for a busy hospital setting. Project criteria included flexibility to convert private rooms into semi-private within 12 hours. The rooms are designed to give the impression of a private room while concealing medical gases for two beds within a fully panalised headwall. Patient room design characteristics support a therapeutic healing environment to reduce stress and anxiety. Ganging bathrooms on the footwall between rooms maximizes natural daylight and views to the outside. Colors and materials reminiscent of nature are used for a soothing atmosphere. The importance of the family as caregiver is supported by the use of spacious rooms and amenities such as sleep sofa within the seating area, a desk with computer outlet, refrigerator, TV, fold away dining table, shelving and storage to support the family member’s stay.